Metadata at the resource level

Field Name Description Mandatory (M)/Optional (O) Maximum Occurrence Data Type [1] Validators and Converters [2]
URL The url of the resource. O 1 gco:CharacterString ignore_missing unicode remove_whitespace
Name The title of the resource. O 1 gco:CharacterString  
Description You can add a longer description of the resource here. O 1 gco:CharacterString  
Encoding The character encoding of the resource (e.g., UTF-8 or Big5). O 1 Encoding_type scheming_required scheming_choices
Coordinate Systems [3] The coordinate systems of the spatial resource. O 1 gco:Integer ignore_empty is_positive_integer
Format [4] The file format of the resource (e.g., CSV [5], XLS, JSON, or PDF). O 1 gco:CharacterString if_empty_guess_format ignore_missing clean_format unicode
[1]For details please refer to appendix: Data Type.
[2]CKAN has the validator mechanism to check if the given value is valid. CKAN also comes with converters to transform the given value into a valid value.
[3]The EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group) system has been used.
[4]The data preview function will check this field to specify a proper resource view. Please refer to Extended feature — Data preview and visualization.
[5]Comma-separated values